We invest in the wildlife & farming, hospitality, real estate and consumer sectors.

Game and Farming

Woody Cape Wildlife

Woody Cape Wildlife is a wildlife and cattle breeding business with the aim of becoming the forerunner in producing the next era of quality buffalo, sable and cattle in South Africa. Located on properties in the Eastern Cape in South Africa, the programme spans over 3000ha on 6 farms and draws on 20 year’s experience in breeding pedigree animals.

Partnering with Inverson, it is able to dedicate itself to sourcing and combining the best genetics in the country with the help of highly experienced and accomplished operators in this field.

Woody Cape Wildlife now stands at the forefront of the game industry alongside the production of quality beef focussing on science, innovation and down to earth animal husbandry and farm management.


The Oyster Collection

The Oyster Collection is a luxury accommodation group operating in Franschhoek, Cape Town, Kenton-on-Sea and Grahamstown.

Through a partnership spanning 10 years to date, we’ve developed and expanded their business, transforming historic buildings and great locations into four and five star boutique hotels and luxury guest houses.

In addition to accommodation, The Oyster Collection is active in the tourism in the towns it operates and seeks to present the best each has to offer.

Beyond South Africa, we advise on hospitality business in the Bahamas and Venice.

Real Estate

Property and Warehousing

Inverson, by virtue of its various businesses, owns and manages a large amount of real estate. These properties are either owned in the various relevant business operations, or separately in dedicated property entities.

Properties include: agricultural farms, hospitality real estate, commercial real estate and soon to be added warehousing.


Food, Beverage and Travel

As a compliment to Inverson’s investments in the 3 main areas above, it also supports synergistic consumer opportunities that leverage its base investments.

These include a tour and travel company supporting the hospitality division, a new quick-service-restaurant (QSR) concept and artisanal coffee shop occupying commercial space in the property division, and a butchery developed in the game and cattle business that supplies the QSR and hospitality properties with product as well as the general market.


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