Social Responsibility

Our investments touch many communities, which is why we believe it’s important to give back.

Through community outreach programmes, and reacting to needs, we’re able to make a small difference to these communities and deserving causes. By doing so, we practice social responsibility, not as a nice-to-have, but rather a must-do. If our communities prosper, we all will prosper.

The Oyster Collection Food Fund

The Covid-19 lockdown tragically resulted in extreme economic hardship for some of our most vulnerable local communities in South Africa. The Oyster Collection Food Fund is an initiative started by the staff of the Oyster Collection to help the communities through feeding schemes and is now firmly established in our communities.

Sole Sisters

Sole Sisters is a group of runners who raise funds for the primary objective of advancing the self-esteem and the financial security of vulnerable women and children. Inverson is a sponsor of the Sole Sisters who complete a 126km + run every year to raise the necessary funds


The Homestead has a number of different projects that together provide a comprehensive response to the plight of children living, working and begging on the street of Cape Town.

SHARF Animal Shelter

Safe Hands Animal Rescue Franschhoek, is a Non Profit Organisation based in Franschhoek, Western Cape. Its an organisation driven to assist the local Franschhoek community with animal rescue and medical assistance.

Makana Revive

A community-based initiative aimed at infrastructure and security development in challenged municipalities.

The Inkunzi Scheme

An Eastern Cape farming-based community programme enrolling local kids to Grahamstown schools.

U12 development

Sponsorship of equipment and costs for the U12 development cricket players from local communities in the Western Cape.


Support for the SPCA in Franschhoek and Knysna region including first reactors after the devastating 2017 fires.

Jansenville School

Support for the Jansenville School via WRSA (EC)

Eastern Cape Provincial U13 Cricket 

Sponsorship of costs for the Eastern Cape Provincial U13 Cricket Team drawn from local communities

Salem Community

Salem local community support including free drinking water, meat supplies and restoration of property destroyed by fire.

Amanzi Challenge

The Amanzi Challenge is a week-long festival dedicated to the upliftment, education and water-related skills training of Port Alfred residents and surrounds. Inverson sponsored laptop computers for the admin team.


Investments in the wildlife & farming, hospitality, real estate and consumer sectors.

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